Why Work With Us?

Before you consider using a non-certified company, think about the liability.

We are Kansas City’s oldest family-owned certified hood cleaning company. In Kansas City the fire marshal follows the NFPA standards as part of the fire code. If you violate The Code by using a non-certified kitchen exhaust cleaning company, it can be considered to be negligence on your part. If one of your business is ever has a fire that originates in the kitchen exhaust system, it could be an issue in getting your insurance company to pay for the repairs.

why-1Benefits of working with Mid-America Service Company

  1. Certified

We are certified exhaust system cleaners in compliance with NFPA 96

  • Reference NFPA 96 *8 – 3.3.1 regarding certified cleaner requirement.
  1. Experience

30 years of experience in the field of kitchen exhaust system cleaning

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of exhaust system fire and safety codes
  • Utilizing the most advanced methods, procedures, and technologies
  1. Ability to handle large and small venues
  2. Quality assurance program
    • Mid-America Service Company owners, certified Hood cleaners, complete the work
  3. Customer service
    • 24-hour customer service – professional, courteous, and efficient customer service
    • All health and safety issues given immediate priority
    • Quick response times
    • Free job survey and estimate
    • Flexible scheduling process to meet your specific needs

We are a small company and can address any concerns immediately, we can give you the exceptional quality you deserve!